Comcast: XTV Mobile App Heuristic Review



Lead researcher




The TV Web & Mobile team partnered with the UX Research team to evaluate the usability of the XTV mobile app, utilizing Nielsen Norman's usability heuristics for user interface design as the benchmark.



Comcast's TV Web & Mobile team was redesigning the mobile app to address usability limitations associated with content accessibility based on environment. I worked with the design team to provide a heuristic review on the newest version of the app. The goal of the heuristic review was to uncover key usability issues in the XTV mobile app in order to improve user experience and adoption.


Problem Statement

Due to content licensing, Comcast customers could only access limited content while out of the home, causing frustration and confusion. 


Users & Audience

XTV mobile app users.



None - I was able to do a complete heuristic review on an iPad, iPhone 6, and Android phone.

  • To begin, I met with the designers and product managers to learn more about the XTV mobile app and to interview them around the main challenges associated with the product.
  • As I learned through my stakeholder interviews, the main challenges centered around usability of the app.  I decided to do a quick heuristic review of the app on an iPad, iPhone and Android phone to evaluate the success of determined tasks and the navigation flow. I created tasks around finding content, watching content, and recording content - the main areas of use of the app.
  • Next, I completed the tasks across the three devices - documenting any usability challenges and rating the severity of each issue.
  • After completing the tasks, I started my analysis by completing a task summary grid that showed the severity of the usability challenges by task and by device. This illuminated the key usability challenges and helped to inform my recommendations and areas of focus for the design team. Next I created a Keynote presentation showing my heuristic review of the app, the key usability challenges and their associated usability heuristics.
  • Lastly, I delivered this presentation to the key stakeholders and led a discussion around the recommendations.  We collectively decided to move forward with usability testing after the team had addressed the usability challenges shown in my heuristic review.

Research Process