Hello! Im a Design and User Experience Researcher, focused on putting users first and creating enjoyable products.

Philadelphia born, happy to call Seattle home now.


A bit about me

I started my career in talent acquisition. I enjoyed this field because of its emphasis on providing excellent candidate experience to job seekers. I took pride in thoughtfully designing the various parts of the recruitment process – from learning about candidates’ interests through interviews, to finding the perfect role for them through an effective interview process that was tailored to each specific role, to helping both hiring managers and job seekers through a time of change.

After building UX teams at various organizations, I realized I enjoyed the conversations I had with UX professionals above all others. Their empathetic and creative approach to their work resonated with how I approached talent acquisition. After deciding I wanted to transition into UX, I completed General Assembly’s User Experience Design course to provide me with a foundational understanding of the user-centered product design process.

I then joined the Design & User Research team at Comcast. There I focused on qualitative research, utilizing various methods (ethnography, usability testing, heuristic reviews, etc.) to conduct evaluative and generative research across various products.

After moving to Seattle, I joined Microsoft's Cloud & Enterprise team as a UX Researcher. I support multiple Azure-related product teams through various agile qualitative research methods, including moderated and unmoderated remote usability studies, heuristic reviews, and surveys.


My approach to research is one of inclusion, advocacy for the user, and passion for creativity.